Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Word About Jordan Edwards

     First of all, I would like to start by saying that what has happened in the previous days is very horrible and I am not just using it for my purposes. At the same time, I live in the real world, and so do you. So, I will write as such.

     If you have followed the story, you would know that Jordan Edwards was an excelling straight-A's student, star athlete, and a very likable individual. He never did drugs, alcohol, and wasn't doing things he shouldn't be doing. BUT, all of this unfortunately didn't matter in the eyes of others. All they saw was a Black kid at a party, probably another follower of "thug life" with a future in jail.

See more here:

     This story is just sadly one of many in the US, Canada, and West of minorities, especially Black men being mistaken for thieves and criminals, and being treated as such. And it's not just young black men in school or working, it also happens to senators, Army Majors, and other professionals as well!
      I was personally shocked to learn of this! See

               This is exactly how Tim Scott looked when he was stopped by police ... multiple times

     If these types of accusations and aggression can happen to law abiding citizens and professionals, army Majors, and politicians, then it is absolute PROOF that racism is alive and well in this country and other ones as well, despite having a Black president for eight years.
     All I can say is,  do you want to live your life trying to prove to others your qualifications and that you are not a thief, or do you want to actually live? If you're like me, Africa is the way to go.

Please note that Back To Africa Admin disavows all attacks on innocents, and everyone, for the matter. We definitely do NOT endorse any sort of violence, hate speech, or various other forms of negativity. What is represented on this blog is simply a PEACEFUL alternative for the Black diaspora. We will distance ourselves from those that commit criminal acts.  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Being Black in America and the West

     No matter how I dress, talk, or act, the end result is the same. That is 5 to 15 car locks as I walk by, see No joke. In the middle of the day at a University filled to the brim with other people. With other people dressed just like me! The only difference you may ask? Do I even have to answer. People avoid me like the plague on the street and on public transportation. See this link for one man's story of this and his overall experience of being black and feeling constantly watched. In Toronto of all places! Wherever I go, people seem to be making countless, extreme accusations. I'm guilty until proven innocent. I know I am not the only one too. Here is just one of many who have figured this out.
     Stereotypes also plays a significant role. Black people are known primarily for three things: rap music, athletics, and being criminals. What if you are a professional, with a middle or high class income, and you like distance running? Chances are you will be the lone representative of your color at a particular time and a particular place. Sometimes it works out. But not all of the time. There was a black nurse on a Delta flight that couldn't use her skills to help someone due to others thinking she wasn't a "real nurse". Four black undercover cops had the cops called on them for wearing matching bulletproof vests. A black therapist was shot in Florida when helping an autistic man that had dropped a toy and the man was trying to pick it up when it was mistaken for a gun. The list goes on. You too have experiences, I am sure. 
     Okay, lots of people have experienced these too for many years. Surely there must be solutions that work. Well call them "solutions" if you want. One of them is to just "deal" with the issue and to try to carry on as normal as possible. This leads to scaring people everyday, all the time, while stressing you out. No matter how much you try to deny the fact that you are being treated different, it won't change reality. I'm sure everyone reading this can agree. It will only lead to more false accusations, that could lead to ... I think we all know. The second option is to try to avoid looking like a threat and to even minimize the time spent out in society. This is not always possible and doesn't always work. 
     So what is a stable solution, then? You might say that I am going to extremes, but the fool-proof way to avoid and escape racism, thrive in society, and not be underrepresented in a chosen career choice is to .... move to Africa. 
     This isn't a new idea. It has been floating around for 150 years now. Just look at the history of Liberia. In the early 1800's, it was a country established for the primary role of rehabilitating former slaves. Several thousands of blacks in the US then moved there, leaving behind their lives of toil and frustration ... for many, many generations to come. See
     Also, in the early 20th century, a Black Caribbean-born man by the name of Marcus Garvey created the "Back to Africa" movement. He also created "Black Star Lines", a take onto the popular "White Star Lines" to migrate African Americans to Africa. 
     Before you say Hold Up!, isn't Africa very poor? And don't people from Africa move here? These are both true-to some extent. You have to understand how much Africa varies-from those before mentioned poorer regions, to more affluent areas, such as urban Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, or other countries. These countries have a growing middle class and a lot of foreign investment. One such example can be seen here.
So basically I'm telling you that it's like a 100% Black version of America in some areas. Except with no one to accuse you of things you wouldn't even allow to occupy your mind. 

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Being Black in the Trump Era in America and Worldwide

     As soon as Trump was a viable presidential candidate in October, I started noticing some changes going on. People that I thought I knew and we were on good terms with, hurried away or avoided me when I wanted to greet them. This never had happened before. Strangers would look at me funny or instantly judge me. My own neighbors, who I had known for years, started thinking I really wanted to steal their car. Despite the fact of living in a middle income house, with a car of my own. Basically, people stopped using rational sense and became hypnotized by Trump's rhetoric.
     Once Trump was in office, it got even worse. Public places that used to have a good amount of blacks, hispanics, and minorities soon looked as if it was 1950, all white. And guess what happens when I show up? Everyone acts like I'm a wild dog hell bent on devouring them. And I know it isn't just isolated incidents either, just listen to recently released music on YouTube. You will find a good deal of the new releases pertaining to racism and overcoming people's negative perceptions.
     Unfortunately, that's just one side of what is to come. Just yesterday, Trump's new supreme court judge, Neil Gorsuch started hearing cases. He has received lots of raised eyebrows, especially from minority communities for his "originalist" stance. That is a code word for "white America". By him coming in, it also re calibrates the supreme court 5-4, with conservatives having an advantage. That means it will be easier to reinforce legislature, such as ones that reverse police reforms or ones that takes away funding for underdeveloped communities.
     If all this is going on why isn't anybody saying anything? That is what I would like to know. All I can tell you is that dark days are ahead for blacks, and non-whites for that matter. Expect more Trevyan Martin and Central Park Five stories. Guess who was involved with the latter?  It's up to you to either decide to tough it out and essentially be seen and treated as a sub-human, or go to somewhere where you can start fresh without sticking out.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Misconceptions About "Poor" Africa

     When Africa it shown on TV, it is typically a commercial from UNICEF showing malnourished African kids or on the news with some sort of natural or man-made calamity. What hardly ever gets shown is how some areas are actually doing quite well and would actually be shocked Africa is frequently portrayed the way that it is.
     Do you happen to work in the tech industry or be interested in it? Search for jobs in Kampala, Uganda or Kigali, Rwanda or Cape Town, South Africa or Pretoria, South Africa or Abidjan, Ivory Coast or Port Elizabeth, South Africa or Durban, South Africa or Maputo, Mozambique or Dakar, Senegal or Casablanca, Morocco or Douala, Cameroon or Nairobi, Kenya or Accra, Ghana or Rabat, Morocco or Windhoek, Namibia or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania or Conakry, Guinea or Luanda, Angola. There are countless other cities too. If you search these cities, you will be shocked at the modern skyline present for most of them. You might have thought some of these countries were in drought, war, ect. but the truth is, some areas, especially capital cities have been recently remade, as well as whole regions.

            Above is the skyline of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,  not quite what you had imagined, right?

     With an influx of tech jobs, there is always a need for other professions, too. Just do a search for the previous areas and your profession.

                                   This is Accra, Ghana, it is actually a "smart city"

                      Above is the planned tallest building in Africa to be built in Nairobi, Kenya

Debunking the Myth that Africans don't like African-Americans or the African Diaspora

     Throughout my online endeavors to promote this blog and spread this simple message of hope, I have come upon several people that all say the same thing. That is "Africans don't want anything to do with African-Americans".
     Okay, I'll admit some Africans might think this way, but surely not everyone. Also, for the ones that do, what is there to tell them you are from America. I mean your skin color sure doesn't, and if you learn the language, customs, ect.  those won't either.
     I always tell people to consider European immigrants to the US. When was the last time you just looked at somebody and said "He's from Europe".  Never. Why? Simply because of skin color. It's a reality of life.
     I also think about fifth generation Asian people that visit China. People start talking to them in Chinese! Despite them not being 100 percent Chinese! They could be mixed with other Asian ethnicities or even have some white, black, or other blood in them, but guess what? They look Chinese still! And that is how they will be treated. I am just telling you as it is. I wish that it wasn't that way, but it is. That knocks down the talk of being a "non-pure African" and not being accepted.
Apply this some logic to us.

Of the two pictures above, who is African and African American?
Hard to tell, right?!

This is exactly my point, who is going to look at us in African and say "You, thief, criminal, pathetic, ect." Nobody because you will be part of the mainstream. 

Thoughts, comments, ect?

Living "Half-Way" in the US, Canada, Europe, and the West

     First of all, this shouldn't be news to anyone, just a reaffirmation of what we all know, but won't say: there are certain things that black people can't do, that others can. Don't believe me?
See this:

     It is the story about a Black, Canadian reading a C.S. Lewis book in a car and the police being called to look for a "suspicious, black man."

     I know people have come up with the "_____ while Black" and various hashtags on twitter, This is great that they identify the problem. But have they identified its true implications? I will spell it out for those that don't see it: If you are Black, there are certain "acceptable" activities and areas to be in, otherwise you WILL end up being falsely accused and have a REAL, at least 25% chance of action being taken against you.    

     You might be thinking, "I know all this, what is your point?" My point is that you will be living a limited, or half-way sort of life in the US, West, and other countries in which you are in the minority. Even if you don't realize it. Are you with white friends in a store and they decide to hold an item for a little while, but you don't? Or how about if you drive a sort of nice car, but so do your white friends? Who gets pulled over?

     I just what you to remember one thing, It doesn't have to be this way, there is somewhere where you can go to escape this. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Peaceful Solution

     Of those within our kind that truly recognize our plight, there surely is a lot of anger and tension built up. Occasionally, there will be a release of this ... and the unfortunate effects associated with it. All we are saying is that there is no need, nor acceptance of this.
     Instead, simply moving to Africa will have profound effects on individuals, families, and the diaspora as a whole. The ecstatic feeling of re-connection will slowly start to fade after its initial record high, but never truly disappear. Despite the rapid urbanization of Africa, the culture of Africa will always be there. One can see this in the form of traditional music, food, and sports, such as wrestling, ball games, or other types.
     Don't believe me? Try this right now. Find an African restaurant in your town or close-by. go visit it and simply talk to the staff/owners during your meal and time there. You will see what I mean. Or, look up some traditional African sports or activities, such as wrestling, farming, martial arts, ect. and see if there is some sort of local chapter. Getting involved in these will definitely make you feel more grounded in the sense that you will be connected to your roots.      

Please note that Back To Africa Admin disavows all attacks on innocents, and everyone, for the matter. We definitely do NOT endorse any sort of violence, hate speech, or various other forms of negativity. What is represented on this blog is simply a PEACEFUL alternative for the Black diaspora. We will distance ourselves from those that commit criminal acts.